This falls into three main categories. Popular targets are Mackerel and Pollock from rocky ledges into deep water using lures.

Slightly more demanding is the pursuit of Sea-Trout and Bass in shallow waters.This usually necessitates wading but don’t worry chest waders can be provided and there is always the option of shorts.

Once again we like to lure fish. This means you are on the move and casting constantly. Boredom is never a factor.

We specialise in Lure and Fly fishing along the wild Atlantic coast but we are open to all methods. We offer both salt and freshwater fishing.

Salt Water Fishing

There is nothing like the adrenalin rush of a big bass hitting a lure on the surface. These are dark arts but we are willing to teach you how to “Walk The Dog” and use a popper for Bass! The lures themselves are things of great beauty.

Mullet on fly or bait is also a possibility. There are a number of creeks along the West Coast with shoals of big fish.

We also offer excursions to the hill lochs that dot the Wild Atlantic Way. Our quarry is the beautiful Brown Trout and fly fishing is the preferred method. Spinning and bait fishing, however, are also possible.

Fresh Water Fishing